Professional Aluminum Machining
Product Details

Currently processed products include auto parts, medical equipment, communications equipment, cameras, smart watches, audio enclosures, sports equipment, electronic cigarettes, fishing gear, pneumatic tools, car chargers, flashlight enclosures, household appliances and other industries.

The main processing materials are: copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy, POM. Can be packaged material package surface treatment, but also processing.

Processing spare parts in strict accordance with the quality standard ISO9001-2000 on product production, shipments throughout the process of quality control, strict implementation of 100% inspection shipments to ensure product quality.

The company's quality policy: people-oriented, continuous innovation, quality and efficient, customer first!

Quality Commitment: to win customers with high quality; to promise customers with accurate delivery; to serve customers at fair prices; to ensure customers with systematic management;