Analysis Of NC Machining Programming Possibility And Convenience

- Dec 25, 2015 -

Machined parts CNC machining process involves a wide range of, the following combined programming possibility and convenience must analyze and review the main content.

1, size marking should be consistent with characteristics of NC machining

CNC programming, all of point, line and plane size and position are based on programming the origin of. Best coordinate dimensions are given directly on the parts diagram, or as far as possible to the same base size.

2, geometric elements of the condition should be complete, accurate,

In programming, the programmer must fully grasp the geometry elements to form the part outline parameters and geometric relationships between elements. In automatic programming to the defining part outlines all the geometric elements, programming manual to calculate the coordinates of each node, regardless of which is unclear or uncertain, programming could not be made. But because parts of ill-conceived or designers in the design process is ignored, often parameters is incomplete or unclear, such as circular arcs and straight lines, arc and arc is tangent or INTERSECT or leave. At the time of review and analysis of drawings, be sure to carefully, find the problem get in touch with designers.

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