Cnc Medical Equipment
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cnc medical equipment

Aluminium die casting medical equipment bracket supplier

Our scope of business: Shouban model production, 3D printing, precision metal parts processing, non-standard parts processing, CNC machining, car parts, shaft parts CNC.

   Accessories Application Products: Cameras, Communication Chambers, Consumer Electronics, LED Radiator Enclosures, 3C Communication Equipment Parts, Medical Equipment Accessories, Mechanical Equipment Parts, Computer Electronics Hardware, Electrical Hardware Accessories, and Various Enclosures.

  Processing materials include: all types of plastics, hardware AL6061, 7075, SUS304, SUS316, easy to cut iron, and all kinds of plastic Saigang, and other special materials.

  Major equipment: CNC CNC machining center, 3D printing, CNC drilling machine, CNC CNC lathe, wire cutting, drilling and tapping equipment.

  Testing equipment: projectors, three-dimensional measuring instruments, gauges, gauges, altimeters, internal and external gauges, micrometers, watch cards, slot cards, etc.